Monday, March 9, 2015

legoland or bust...part two!

*I just love going to Costco with the kids. This past time they sampled a Veggie Burger and really liked it. Hmmmm... :)

*Saturday was our Harry Potter movie day. Every time the opening music begins, Cam looks over at me and gives me the biggest, "This actually is happening!!!" grin. I LOVE it. :)

*That night we met my parents at Spaghetti Factory for dinner.

The kids LOVED the balloon man who came around.

*On Sunday we made a second attempt at Legoland. We had a blast!


Anonymous said...

Love it! So much better to go when the park was open. You were a real dingbat to go to an amusement park when it was closed. - Susan

Jessica said...

How did your sister get free tickets to Lego land? My kids are dying to go there. Glad you finally got to enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

I bet the sample ladies at Costco think Cam and Kendall are so cute and polite.