Thursday, April 16, 2015


This morning I was cleaning the kitchen floor (hate!!) and decided I needed a little music. My go-to for cheerful music is my Pandora station entitled...yep...Debbie Gibson. Haha! I love 80's music and putting her as my "search" for Pandora gets me loads of great stuff. :)

I got to thinking about what I listened to pre-Pandora. These four albums probably rank at the top as far as how many hundreds of times they were played. :)

This was a favorite of my family.

This takes me back to college. :)

This was another family favorite and played over and over and over.

This just has great 80's music.

Currently we listen to:

Car with kids: KSGN (Christian radio station) or old VBS CD's.
Car without kids: Dr. Laura podcasts
At home: Pandora's Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin "stations"

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Anonymous said...

There's actually a movie on the "UP" cable channel starring Debbie Gibson--called "The Music in Me." Coincidence you mentioned her.