Friday, April 10, 2015

a few food things

*My sister and mom cannot understand how I can keep a Costco sized bag of chocolate chips in my pantry without demolishing them. For some reason, despite my love for dessert, chocolate chips just don't do it for me. What ARE hard for me to keep around (and so therefore are usually non-existent at our house)?

Just plain, non-flavored pita chips are deadly.

I'll make myself a cup of hot chocolate purely so I can spray A LOT of this on top. My Skinny Cow concoctions practically double in size by spraying this over the top.

Yogurt covered pretzels are just too yummy. We buy them on Winco trips.

*On Easter I made an ice cream pie. I decided to experiment with the crust and tried a chocolate chip cookie crust. It was SO good and such a yummy change from regular Oreo or graham cracker.

*Today we went to Costco. I had decided we needed a break from Pirate Booty (that could actually go on my, "can't keep around the house" list), however I caved and bought something a little too similar, Boom Chicka Pop (kettle corn). Quite tasty. :)

*Opal apples (best apples ever) are on sale at Staters this week.

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Jessica said...

I don't like plain chocolate chips at all. I was tempted to buy that Kettle corn this week but didn't, lol.

I think the only thing that's dangerous for me to have around is if I bake chocolate chip cookies or brownies from scratch... Mmmmm.

Are the Opal apples better than the ambrosia??? I'll have to pick some up!