Thursday, May 28, 2015

memorial weekend

Last Friday we headed up north for the long weekend. The kids had been counting down the days and our time there didn't disappoint. :)

For my birthday a while back, the only thing I asked Chris for was to coordinate a girls day with my friend, Jana. He put it together and let her plan what we would do. We spent a couple hours at a coffee shop, went to the mall, and then went out to lunch. It was SUCH a fun day and I loved spending such a long chunk of time with her. :)

After lunch, she treated me to a few flavors of macrons at a nearby bakery. 

Chris' dad helped the kids build and paint bird houses.

On Sunday we had a BBQ to celebrate Kendall's birthday. She had REALLY been looking forward to this part of the weekend. :)

 Cameron and Grandma W.

Putting together a new Lego Friends set.

Here we are on our last night. To say we ate well there would be an understatement. Five flavors of homemade ice cream will give you an idea. :)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a super weekend! And what a unique thing to ask for for your birthday--the day with Jana.