Monday, July 13, 2015

cap'n crunch

*We've been enjoying a few of the summer programs offered at the library. Last week we went to, "Meet A Firefighter". A few days later Chris took the kids to a magic show, where Cam was chosen as a volunteer. In a few hours we'll head to, "Meet a Guide Dog". 

*Yesterday I took the kids to a birthday party for one of Kendall's school friends. We ended up leaving before the cake was cut. I told them that we would get a treat on the way home since they missed out. Cam chose a couple McDonald's cookies and Kendall chose....get ready for it...Cap'n Crunch Delights (from Taco Bell).  Yuck!!! I don't even want to think about what they were made out of! :)

*Part of the reason we left early from the party was because I had a headache and was exhausted. This was in large part due to the 4th of July "round two" some neighbors decided to do the previous night. Apparently people sleeping wasn't a factor in deciding to light their fireworks late into the night. Grr....

*The kids and I just got back from Kendall's gymnastics class. I decided to have us bike there since it's isn't too far. Luckily the uphill part was first, making it so getting to her class was motivation to keep going (she can lose steam pretty quickly). :) 

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