Friday, July 31, 2015


*On Monday we met a few of my friends from high school. The beach we went to had HUGE waves (borderline scary). The kids were able to go a little way out into the water, but we were all quite happy when the sand occupied most of their time.

*To make sure there were no room for complaints about the lack of swimming this summer, we headed to Yucaipa Regional Park again a couple days later. :)

*Last week I was telling Kendall how some people have, "Christmas in July" parties. She jumped on that train right quick and wanted to plan one for the neighbors. It was a very simple party of just Christmas cookie decorating (with a little Pandora Christmas music in the background), but they all had a blast.

*Yesterday we went school lunch box shopping. It was made much more fun with my Starbucks. A friend of mine had given me her, "treat receipt" from her purchase earlier in the day, so I got my drink for only $2.50!

*I was quite pleased with their choices. I've said before that I do NOT like cartoon character clothing, backpacks, etc. I was willing to indulge if that was what they wanted...but luckily it wasn't :)

*Chris and I started West Wing again from the beginning. We watched the whole series back before kids and it is still one of my favorite series.

*Confession: I do not wash our water bottles very often. Not often at all. Oops.


Anonymous said...

So special to see that blast-from-the-past picture of your dear friends!

Jessica said...

Haha, did the water bottle confession stem from our water bottle conversation?