Sunday, August 2, 2015

cousin visit

*This past weekend we had my two nieces stay with us. The kids had been looking forward to their visit for months. :)

On Friday I took them to the Where's Waldo? search through downtown Redlands. It was put on by a local bookstore and included a hunt through various stores for a cardboard cutout of the Waldo character (which each store had hidden somewhere). The kids loved getting their stamps each time they found one. We will definitely do it again next year. So fun!

On Saturday we met my family for a picnic for what would be our last time to see my sister and her family for a few years. I still don't think it has hit me that they are leaving. I do find that if I let myself stop and really think about not seeing them again, I start to cry. So I just don't think about it. :)

*This morning I made the kids pancakes and realized I was out of eggs. I found an eggless recipe that turned out to be the the most fluffy pancakes I've ever made!

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Jessica said...

Sorry your sister is gone :( I was teary eyed every time I thought about my friend Faith leaving and am still sad and missing her several months later. I'm so glad you guys got to enjoy lots of time together this past year.

Those pancakes look yummy!

Glad you enjoyed the scavenger hunt!