Tuesday, August 25, 2015

school lunches

*Kendall received a Bible story pamphlet from church and decided she would take over doing our little devotional in the mornings. She's quite proud of herself. :)

*Yesterday was my first day back substitute teaching. I taught 3rd grade and actually had a great class. The day was long, but the time flew. 

*Cameron and I are set to finish the final Harry Potter book in the next few days, with the hope of getting the first of the final two movies in this weekend.  I must say that I will be REALLY sad when we get to the end. First off, this has been the BEST book series I have ever read. Second, this has been such a neat thing for the two of us to share over the past two years. I know we will start another series (maybe this time involving Kendall), but the end of our Harry Potter times still makes me sad...

*There are tons of back to school lunch blog posts out there. I really liked this one. Granted, I'm lucky in that I only have to pack a snack since the kids are home by lunch, but there are still some neat ideas, like a smoothie (frozen in the morning in a popsicle mold).

*The other day the four of us were in the car and Cameron asked Chris, "Dad, has your life turned out the way you expected it would?" Wow! Not sure where that one came from! :)


Jessica said...

I actually have those popsicle moulds, bought them a couple years ago :) I actually read that blog post today too, it was good! Now I'm packing two school lunches every night.

Anonymous said...

Cameron, the philosopher. :)