Thursday, August 27, 2015

west wing

*I have a huge pet peeve when watching a movie/TV show. Whenever a character is carrying a cup of coffee (like a disposable one from a coffee shop), you can always tell the cups are empty. The way the people carry them so carelessly is a dead give-away. Why does it bother me so much? Not sure. :) But I will often point it out to Chris and he just laughs. But really, couldn't you just fill it with water so it's more realistic that they are actually carrying something with liquid in it?? :)

*Cameron couldn't be any more excited for his birthday on Sunday. The other night my parents came over and he accidentally saw a gift my mom was bringing that she had ordered for me from Amazon. When Cameron asked me about it, I lied. I later felt guilty and ended up telling him the truth. However I also added that from that point on, lying was okay only when it was related to presents or surprises.

*One of my favorite times of day are when the kids and I sit down to lunch. They are always in a super hyper/goofy mood and it's just so fun. :)

*West Wing. One of the best series ever.

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Jessica said...

I've thought that same thing about coffee cups!

So what makes West Wing your favorite? I've never watched it. I'm curious since you admit to being picky about shows :)