Tuesday, August 11, 2015

school is almost here :(

We've had a tradition the past couple years of taking the kids to the Palm Desert Aquatic Center right before they head back to school. They had asked about this several times over the summer and were very excited that today was the day.

It wasn't too hot (relatively speaking, since we ARE talking about the desert!) and the kids had a blast. This year the water slides definitely took a back seat to jumping off the diving boards :) Afterward we took them to Red Robin for lunch (also a tradition) and then headed home.

p.s. When we picked the kids up a couple days ago, Chris' mom sent them home with some of the yummiest cookie bars I've tasted in a long time.  These will definitely be made again!


Jessica said...

Hope today goes great as it's the first day of school! I'm not excited at all either :(

Anonymous said...

What a fun tradition!!