Sunday, August 16, 2015

first day of school

*Cam had his first sparring class for Taekwando. The kids wear the big gear and actually hit/kick one another. He enjoyed it but was very timid during the actual sparring. I think it will be good for him to get over the worry about hurting the other person and just go for it! :)

*The kids' first day of school went great. They were super excited and came home with lots of stories.

*Yesterday we went for a hike. It was a super long one, leaving all three of us exhausted! While it was very fun, I made the big mistake of both not drinking enough water and not eating enough throughout. I ended up feeling sick, cutting short dinner out with friends that night, and am still not feeling myself a day later. Lesson learned. :(

My dad brought a water bottle/fan. Whenever we would stop along the trail, he would pull it out and it felt incredible in that heat! 

*Since I've either been in bed or on the couch all day, Chris has been entertaining the kids, which has included a marathon game session. :)

*It has been a bad week for Kendall with her constipation issues. We've made a little progress, but we have spent quite a lot of time in the bathroom with her on the toilet and me reading her a book (with usually little to show for our time). 

*This morning while Chris was at church, I was sick of lying in bed, yet didn't feel up to doing anything. I ended up listening to a sermon by Matt Chandler. Chris had forwarded me a short clip of him last week and I immediately liked him. 

*My homemade granola last week was a bust with the kids in their snacks. I'm going back to an old standby I know they like, homemade graham crackers.

No, I do not make them into fun shapes. They take way too long as it is! :)

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Anonymous said...

Am really hoping that you feel better tomorrow. We can now officially call dehydration "the D word!" It sneaks up on you and gives you a knock-out. And that Miss Kendall's bowels get back on track tomorrow.