Monday, August 31, 2015

9 year old

Yesterday Cameron turned 9 years old. Chris realized that we are now halfway through the time he will be living under our roof. I DO NOT want to think about that. :(

Cameron chose to go roller skating for his day and he and Kendall had such a fun time. Seeing my sweet boy make his way slowly around and around the rink was just too cute. He was so determined and quickly wanted me to let go of him to do it all on his own.

When we returned home, my parents came over for dinner (he chose hamburgers). He had also requested a "map" birthday cake. I consulted one of his many, many Atlases he has in his room and made a simple cake with common freeways we use.

It was a perfect day and he felt super special, which is all we could have asked for. :)


Jessica said...

Happy birthday Cameron! Such a cute cake :) I feel like the next nine years (10 for me) will go much quicker than the first nine did :(

Anonymous said...

So glad he felt special and celebrated on his day! Oh, "halfway through the home years"--why did Chris have to think of that? HA!