Tuesday, September 1, 2015

cotton candy grapes

*I LOVE when I see Christmas decorations at Costco because that means it's fall and the Holiday season is beginning!

*Last Saturday we took a trip to the desert, which we haven't done in a while. We weren't exactly escaping the heat, but more heading straight into it. I guess we really do love the desert. :)

As usual, Kendall talked the ENTIRE trip there. This time she was reading old kindergarten spelling papers she found in her room.

New water bottles for the kids were on the list. 

After Costco was the mall. They love to "play" Chess. :)

*When Cameron and I watched Harry Potter on Saturday morning, Chris took Kendall to breakfast. Her comment about a McGriddle: "This is the yummiest thing in the whole world!!"

*Today I saw Cotton Candy grapes at the store. I remember tasting them a long time ago and being shocked that they actually tasted like Cotton Candy. For some reason they gross me out (a phrase Chris thinks I use far too often). The kids, on the other hand, were quite intrigued when I told them about the grapes and want to give them a shot. :)


Anonymous said...

I never heard of them.

Jessica said...

I've never come across those grapes, but they sound gross to me too!