Thursday, September 24, 2015


*I've started a little ritual before I had to Bible Study on Wednesday mornings. After dropping the kids off, I head to a coffee shop where I read and treat myself to a latte. I LOVE this time. It seriously is a highlight of my week. Right now I'm reading Gone with the Wind. I like the fictional storyline, but I love reading about life during the Civil War. I have not seen the movie in over 20 years, so I'm excited to watch it again having read the book. That won't be for a while because it is loooooong!!

p.s. Next week I'll make Starbucks my coffee shop. A friend recently told me about their Toasted Graham Latte and it sounds yummy!

*Today I only watched 20 minutes of Parenthood...but I cried three times. 

*My Costco stash of Skinny Cow ran out so I had to buy some at Stater's. I like to try new flavors and I LOVE the Snickerdoodle!!

*I texted Chris this week with my confession...I cheated.

*Kendall found a fascinating book at the library today entitled, Secrets of Disneyland. An interesting excerpt:

"When Disneyland was being built, Walt Disney had an apartment created for his family.  It was built over the fire station on Main Street. When Disney was there, he would leave a light burning in the window. Since his death, the light as been left on in his memory."


Anonymous said...

What made you cry in that TV show?

Kelly said...

What didn't make me cry?? Breast cancer, Aspergers, ect. They just deal with everything and much (not all!) of it are things you've thought, said, experienced, etc. :) Very real life.

Ana said...

But just the best. I miss it. Crying because and all.