Tuesday, September 8, 2015

labor day

This past weekend we headed up north to celebrate Cameron's birthday with Chris' parents. This has a become a tradition for both Cameron and Kendall's birthdays.

Before we headed out, we stopped at the hospital to visit my dad, who had undergone a minor surgery. This was the kids' first visit to a hospital and they enjoyed seeing their Papa. :)

Now to some highlights of the weekend.

John's Incredible Pizza: This was Cameron's birthday celebration request.

Bike rides: Cameron loved riding around the country roads and finding abandoned houses and farms. He then came back and drew a map of our ride. :)

Hallmark movies: I got in three movies this weekend (Chris' mom always records them for me knowing how much I like them)!

Pedicure for me!

Playtime outside.

Swimming: This was one of my Hallmark movie times as Debbie and I stayed back while Chris and his dad took the kids swimming. :)

Good food: We ate great the entire weekend, but I have to mention my favorite. It was an incredibly rich chocolate cake. We decided it shouldn't really be called a cake because it was super dense (she also added more chocolate chips, which is never a bad thing). Definitely a 10 in my book!

Thank you, Debbie and Wayne, for a GREAT Labor Day weekend!


Jessica said...

Sounds like such a great weekend! That cake looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it DOES! Hmmmm, bike riding around those country roads sounds like so much fun to me too!