Wednesday, September 16, 2015

cardboard meatloaf

*Over the years, I've become much less skeptical regarding alternative/natural treatments for things. I'm not convinced about ALL natural remedies (I can't quite jump on the essential oils bandwagon), however I'm reading more and more about probiotics and liking what I read. Kendall has taken them for a while for her poop issues. Chris just started as I've read a lot about the benefits for several things he deals with (poor sleep being one).

*I caved and took a high school sub job on Monday. I didn't get any jobs last week and didn't want that trend to continue. It was only a half day and luckily it went quite smoothly.

*I want to mention these Homemade Strawberry Nutri Grain Bars one more time. If you make a double batch and freeze them, they really are worth the effort. The kids LOVE them. I individually wrap and freeze each one, then just toss them in their lunch boxes in the morning.

*I wanted another TV show to watch as I'm a bit burned out on Gilmore Girls for now. I tried Madame Secretary and am liking it. There are certain actresses I really like and I'm finding Tea Leoni to be one of them. 

*Last night I served meatloaf (Chris would want me to clarify that it was actually turkey meatloaf). I looked over and could tell Chris did NOT like it, but wasn't mentioning anything for the kids' sake. I took a bite and promptly announced that it tasted like cardboard. Everyone was relieved not to have to eat it. The kids enjoyed a double portion of cornbread and some cereal later. :)

*I have learned many things from Chris over the years. For instance, I have stopped buying Kleenex in the square boxes. Whenever you reach for one, the whole box comes with it. Rectangular boxes are the way to go. 


Jessica said...

Haha, I agree with the Kleenex!

Good thing you made cornbread to go along with that meatloaf :)

I'll be curious to know if you notice any changes with the probiotics. For sure give it at least two months. Gut health is a gradual process. I find all of this new research extremely fascinating!

Anonymous said...

What a RELIEF when the cook says something tastes terrible! :o)