Tuesday, August 4, 2015

crying over silly things

Right now I'm relaxing on the couch watching a movie. This is the first day of our week without kids. They are spending the time with my in-laws and couldn't have been more excited.

I had a little pit in my stomach leading up to yesterday (I met his parents half-way). On one hand, I was so excited for the kids because they have some great things planned. On the other hand, it's hard to think about being away from them for this long. :)

On my way back, I hit quite a bit of traffic. My iPod had messed up and erased all my Dr. Laura's. After two sermons from Mike Erre (EV Free Fullerton Church), whom I love to listen to, I was a bit sermon'd out :). The silence led to way too much thinking. This led to crying.

It all started when I drove past the exit we took for our Mt. Baldy hike a few weeks ago. I remembered how I had rushed Cam a bit on the way down the mountain because we needed to get back to pick up Kendall. I felt guilty for rushing him. Yep, so I cried for telling Cam he needed to hurry up (he had been so sweet saying, "Sorry mom! Is this a better pace?"). I cried over a few other minor things with the kids as well. I think the combination of leaving the kids, annoyance with traffic, and a long day just left me with silly tears. :)

I'm better now. I've already smiled at the text pics Chris' mom has sent. Chris and I are headed out to spend the night in the desert tonight, so that will be a nice distraction and a fun time, just the two of us. :)

Next hike...no rushing my boy. Ha! :)

On an unrelated note, I recently cut out a $1 coupon for Carl's Jr.'s new iced coffee. Seeing as I love trying new ones, I bought one on my way home yesterday. My oodles of car time was also spent analyzing my ice coffee rankings. :)

Kelly's Fast Food Iced Coffee Rankings: 1-10 (10 being perfect)

Jack in the Box (original flavor): 9
Carl's Jr.: 7
Burger King: 3
Del Taco: 3
McDonald's: 6


Jessica said...

Lol, love your iced coffee rankings!

As hard as it is being away for so long from them, I hope this week ends up being enjoyable for you and leaves you feeling recharged :) I hope you're having so much fun in the desert tonight!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, I so understand your tears. In a way they ARE silly tears--and in another way, they're not. I'm just glad you're a mommy who misses her kids. But hope you boot the sad thoughts out of your head each time they come and have a great week!

So Carl's Jr. made the top 3, huh? What's in those things anyway?