Friday, July 17, 2015

mt. baldy

*A few days ago we went to Barnes and Noble so the kids could pick out their free book they earned through the summer reading program. I told Kendall that she could read her's to me when we got home. I didn't quite realize how loooooong the book was. Yikes! :)

*Yesterday my dad and I took Cameron on a hike up Mt. Baldy. We didn't intend on making it to the top, but we got pretty far and it was such fun!

Cameron was VERY excited about all his gear. Unfortunately his $17 Altimeter turned out to be just that, a $17 gadget that didn't fully work. But he had a good attitude and enjoyed at least telling us the temperature as we went along. :)

Here is a 6 second video to give you a taste of our descent. 

One of the highlights of hiking is running into fellow hikers. Some aren't too keen on chit-chat, whereas others are eager to talk about the trail and other trails they have done. We ran into several people on the way down, which was quite fun.

In wanting to make sure Kendall had a fun day as well, I arranged for her to spend her time at my friend, Jessica's house. She had a great morning. :)

By the evening, Cam was pooped! When he gets really tired, he gets pretty emotional about simple things. After a back and forth on whether he should go to Taekwando (he wanted to, but didn't, but did, but didn't...tears...etc.), I pulled out my "never-fail" when it comes to calming him down. He rested on his bed while I read Harry Potter. :)

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