Tuesday, July 7, 2015

jurassic park

*I did end up getting called in for Jury duty. Luckily my group was dismissed by 2:00. :)

*While I was gone, Chris took the kids to the outlets to get new backpacks for the fall. They chose well as I was crossing my fingers they wouldn't veer toward cartoon/Disney ones. :)

*I've officially decided my favorite frapp comes from Costco. No Starbucks, no Coffee Bean, just my $1.49 "Latte Freeze". :) Here is one I got on our trip home from Pismo. They are a MUST on road trips.

*The other day we made a parenting blunder. We mistakenly thought the kids could handle the first Jurassic Park movie. This smiley picture was taken toward the beginning. Kendall lasted half the movie and although Cameron watched the entire thing, he was pretty clear in telling us he will never watch it again. Oops. :(

*I'm half way through last night's Bachelorette. So far I'm team-Nick. I think Shawn is almost too good for her.

*Tonight, as usual, Kendall was taking forever to finish her vegetables. Chris teasingly threatened her with a bucket of water, which turned into wanting daddy to pour water on her AND Cam. :)


Jessica said...

At least your favorite frapp is also the least expensive! Starbucks is so ridiculous with their prices.

Anonymous said...

The news last night said Starbucks prices are going up 5 cents-20 cents. And that it comes at a time when the price of coffee has dropped. Their explanation is that it will help them "to give the best service to their customers." Hmmmm, I'm still trying to figure that one out. :)