Thursday, July 23, 2015

visit with jen

*I finally quit dragging my feet and taught the kids how to tie their shoes. Actually I ended up finding a Youtube video because I was horrible at teaching. Kendall REALLY got into it. :) Their reward for learning was a trip to Soup Plantation (a favorite restaurant), which we will take this weekend. :)

*Last weekend we took a trip to Winco. We stopped at Panera beforehand for bagels. The visit was made even more fun by the thunder and lightning outside. The kids loved getting excited over every flash.

*Yesterday we drove out to visit my friend, Jen. It was so fun to just hang out and talk while the kids swam, and swam, and swam some more. :) I love thinking of us 23 years ago when we first met. And to see all these little kiddos, who belong to us,  running around is so surreal. :)

*I needed some new snacks for the kids so I went back to my Pinterest "Done it" board and found an energy bar recipe I had made in the past. The kids love them and I like that they help Kendall with her poop troubles (since they are made with so many prunes).

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