Thursday, February 11, 2016

a no picture update

-My life has not been terribly exciting lately, which is why I have not blogged. Tomorrow marks the end of my first official full week of work.

-Chris has been wonderful in taking on more kid-duty. He even gave me the month off from laundry, which has been awesome!!

-I'm still not done with Monday's Bachelor. I really don't have a clear favorite yet.

-I'm not liking the extreme wind we have had lately, but I sure have loved the warmer weather.

-Kendall's assignment this week was to make a poster for herself as if she were running for President. On the back she had to list the reasons why she would make a good leader. She stated she would outlaw junk food. Interesting considering she asks every single night for dessert. :)

-I'm so thankful I kept all of my work clothes from back when I was a counselor. Luckily I have several items that, while a decade old, still are basic enough to have not gone out of style. :)

-Kendall informed me today that she does NOT like sandwiches of any kind.

-I listened to Adventures in Odyssey all the way through high school.

I really have nothing else interesting to offer. Looking forward to the weekend!! :)


Jessica said...

Yay for making it through your first week! Now you only have three to go :) Very nice that you get the month of from laundry :)

So funny that I live so close to you but have had zero wind. I have enjoyed the lovely weather :)

Anonymous said...

Ask Kendall if In 'n Out burgers qualify for her "I don't like any sandwiches" declaration.