Sunday, February 21, 2016

painted canyon

Yesterday we ventured out FAAAAR into the desert to a hike we had heard a lot about, Painted/Ladder Canyon. The drive was totally worth it and it didn't disappoint. This was such a unique hike. If you have ever been on Tom Sawyer's Island at Disneyland, much of this trail felt exactly like those same tunnels and passageways you navigate on the island.

Here we are at the top of the canyon. This is one of my favorite parts about hikes, talking with other hikers. Most are super friendly and willing to chat. We spoke with a fellow hiker who had recently done Cactus to Clouds (Cam and my ultimate goal).

 LOVE this pic! Such a sweetie.

We were all pooped at the end and hit Costco on the way home for lunch. I typically always crave soda after our hikes, however my latte freeze hit the spot. :)

*Chris would say this is SO me. :)

*We had Cam's IEP last Thursday. It was neat to hear how he is doing in each of his classes. I have a huge notebook containing all the assessments, progress reports, etc. that have been done over the years. As I was waiting for the meeting to start, I decided to read through it. It was very cool to go back and look at all the progress my amazing little guy has made. :)


Jessica said...

That hike looks so neat!

Anonymous said...

It DOES look amazing! So glad your family is "into" hiking. What a great bonding thing to do together! And, yes, our amazing little guy is exceptional in so many ways!

So what's your percentage of remembering things that are you on your list at home?