Thursday, February 25, 2016

kids bop

I can't believe that after tomorrow, I'll only have one more full week of work. It's gone by fast and slow (during the overwhelming parts) all at the same time. I'm a little anxious as to what is in store afterward. I'd love to continue on a part time hopefully they will be open as well. :)

Here are a few things about me/us right now...

My eating is VERY boring. After prepping each night for everyone else, I have zero energy left for myself. My lunch at work everyday consists of a Cliff Bar. Kendall's favorite snack this week has been a Salted Caramel yogurt. I must admit it did taste dessert'ish. :)

I often run into Cam's old preschool teacher at one of my schools. Whenever I see her, I always think about how amazing she was and the progress Cameron made when he was with her.

WHAT I'M ANNOYED WITH: They could condense The Bachelor into an hour (as opposed to two). My pick? Lauren. However I think they could be tricking us into thinking it's going to be her.

WHAT I'M EXCITED ABOUT: The weekend. Period. Right after this I'm going to find a good movie for Chris and I to rent tomorrow night. It's been a long week for both of us. Chris has had a lot on his plate. Between increased work (much due to his church clients and the Easter season) and more kid-duty, he needs a night of relaxing. :)

WHAT I'M WEARING: I think Sketcher's Memory Foam shoes are the best shoes ever. Cute + super comfortable is hard to find! They nailed it.

WHAT I'M DOING THIS WEEKEND: Opening day for Kendall's softball.

WHAT I'M LISTENING TO: In the car: Dr. Laura. At home: Dean Martin Pandora channel. I officially nixed the Kids Bop Pandora channel unless I'm in the room with the kids. It's so irritating that I actually have to monitor a kids channel.One would think the name, "Kids Bop"  would imply that they censor ALL the songs. One would think... :(

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Jessica said...

I say the same thing about the Bachelor! One hour would be nice. I see Lauren as the front runner too. They've made the ending look like it's going to be quite dramatic, I'm very curious!! Lol. I'm glad he sent home the girl with kids, it made me so mad that she would leave her babies to be on that show.