Monday, February 15, 2016


This past weekend Chris' parents came down to watch my nieces while Chris' brother and his wife went away for the weekend. They invited our kids over for a couple of nights, so Chris and I were kid-free! On Saturday I drove them out to their house while Chris got in a round of golf. After drop off, I met my friend, Ana, for coffee before heading home. (sigh)...Wish she lived closer.

Once I got home, I relaxed for a while, got a nice long walk in, and did some cleaning. Chris got home and we hung out before watching, Bridge of Spies (a little on the long side, but overall worth renting).

On Sunday we slept in (or at least woke early as usual but didn't feel the need to hop right out of bed!). We then headed out to the desert for a nice hike. It was warm, borderline hot, but I didn't mind one bit! We hiked a fairly popular trail and kept debating if we should send Chris' mom a pic to show Cam. We ultimately decided against it because we weren't sure if he would be sad we hiked without him. :)

After hiking, Chris dropped me off at Starbucks while he cruised around the local golf stores.
Sitting at a coffee shop + a hazelnut latte + reading = my idea of perfect. :)

We then went to Islands for lunch.

After returning home, I relaxed on the couch (while poor Chris edged and mowed the lawn) and then we watched a fascinating documentary, Winter of Fire, and ate dinner. During this time we got a text from Chris' mom that Cam had fallen on his scooter and chipped his front tooth. We also learned that our little girl had started a fever. It's been almost two weeks since the last one, but I'm still sad she had to feel yucky on a weekend her and Cam had been talking about non-stop. All that to say, I'm anxious to see my kiddos today and am so appreciative they were in such good hands during all of it.

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Jessica said...

How nice that you guys could spend so much time together this weekend :) I'm wondering though how on earth you could eat salad and soup at Islands! I love their burgers a fries! Mmmm