Saturday, February 20, 2016

this week

*Week two of my four weeks of work is over. This week was a lot easier as the students weren't in session, so I had a few half days.

*Chris' parents came to stay with us for a couple of nights. I had asked if Debbie would mind making us some of her infamous homemade pizza and beerocks (seasoned ground beef encased in yummy bread) so I could have freezer food on hand while I'm working. She ended up making some for my SIL too and, in true Debbie fashion, went above and beyond what I had asked for! Woohoo! We are set and it feels GREAT to have so much stocked up!!!

*Cameron is back on a Google Earth kick. Yesterday I rocked his world by plugging my laptop into our TV, making his picture huge. He was insistent I take a picture (we took about five to get it exactly as he wanted) of him in front of Everest so that it looked like he was really there. :)

*I typically like to spread out my Starbucks cards from Christmas at least through most of the year. However I've burned through a good chunk of them with this job. I LOVE going on my way to work. It's just such a treat and makes my day start out on a happy note. :) I know I'll regret it later in the year when my balance hits zero...oh, well. :)

*We rented, The Intern last night. I really enjoyed it.

*We introduced Cameron to  MacGyver a while back. He has enjoyed a few episodes. I used to have the biggest crush on Richard Dean Anderson (the star). :) 

*When I do go to Starbucks before work, I always ask for it at 190 degrees. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don't. However I'm not worried because my friend showed me a trick making it so I can heat up my cup at work. Normally Starbucks cups burn if you microwave them. However if you dip the bottom in water for a few seconds burn!! :)

*The other day Cameron was telling us about a girl at the park and how she would pinch him. Kendall said, "I wish you would have told me that, Cameron. I would have sprung into action!!" :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, that makes me laugh all over again to hear Kendall's "spring into action" comment! Did you hear what she said when I asked her what she would do to "spring into action?" It was something like, "I'd hit his arm." Now THERE'S a scary thought! :o)


Jessica said...

Haha, I loved MacGyver. We used to watch it.

I need to ask for my Starbucks drinks that hot... They never get it hot enough. I've totally microwaved my cups with no problem. You are half way through your subbing job! So nice your MIL made that food for you :)