Saturday, February 6, 2016

the last week

*Kendall started softball this past week. Chris is the coach, which she loves. Here she is waiting for me at the field office to turn in our uniform orders. I'm the team mom,'m excited about? Maybe? Okay, not so much. :)

*Yesterday was my first official day of work...for a while. It's a long story but I am officially a School Psychologist every day for the next month. It's actually a long term sub position for a School Psychologist in our district. I could potentially continue at the end of the month, however I let them know that it could only be two days per week. It really is an ideal situation for me to dive back into the field head first, yet also have it be for the short term. I'll admit I'm scared and a bit overwhelmed by it all and so it was nice to celebrate the end of my first day with a family pizza dinner. :)

*Today was another hike. This time we stayed local and hiked the Crafton Hills Ridge Trail. It was a shorter hike than usual, but still really fun. Chris took Kendall on a playdate with one of her school friends, so I felt good that she was also getting a fun morning.

*Right now I'm sitting on the couch with my back against a heating pad. I've self-diagnosed my back pain as due to stress. While I haven't felt super tense, I do know it all started the day I was offered the sub position, which in turn caused some crying (from being scared/overwhelmed) and worry. I'm hoping once I get used to it all that my back will take the cue. :(


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Kendall play softball! And so very glad your first day of the job was good! I was praying it would be.

Jessica said...

So you are doing the long term sub position, that's great! Hopefully after a few days everything will feel much better, including your back :) it was a gorgeous weekend for a hike!

deb said...

You are going to be great.......confidence, positive attitude and they are lucky to have you😊