Thursday, June 29, 2017

cold brew

*This week has been the kids' Camp TLC (Vacation Bible school) at church. This is the first year in a long time in which I didn't volunteer. I'll be honest, it has been wonderful to have some free time. I had to work one of the days, but otherwise, I have done tons of relaxing, took a long walk today, and just enjoyed my time. I invited two of my friends' kids from work. It's been fun chauffeuring them all back and forth each day.

*I recently started reading Harry Potter to Kendall. Some of my sweetest memories are from when Cameron and I went through the whole series together. I'm excited to do it again with Kendall (and I love that Cameron wants to listen again too!). Each time we read, they get a "special treat", which consists of a small bowl of dry cereal. ;)

*Speaking of Harry Potter, yesterday I bought myself a shirt from Kohl's. I wore it today and have already received three comments. It's quite the conversation starter if you understand what it is. :)

*A friend of mine recently told me about a new drink (Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew) she had tried at Starbucks. I tested it out the other day and loved it. I only ever go to Starbucks in the winter for hot drinks. They lost me as a summer customer many years ago when they changed their frappuchino formula. This drink won me back. :)

*Chris's brother recommended a movie the other night for us to watch. It was incredibly dumb,  but also had a ton of funny parts and was very entertaining. :)


Anonymous said...

So...what about those of us who DON'T know what the shirt means? :)

Kelly said...

Read Harry Potter:)

Jessica said...

Glad I could share a yummy drink with you 😀