Saturday, June 24, 2017

oak glen

*Last weekend our Toys R Us trip didn't yield a purchase for Cam. On Thursday we drove to Ontario Mills, where our nearest Lego Store is located. I was so proud of him. He found the set he wanted, however decided against buying it because he had spent so much time saving up his money and didn't feel 100% sure it was a good purchase. The set was very small for the price (as are many Lego sets!!). I was happy he made such a smart decision.

Afterward we headed over to the food court.

Yes, having your mom pack you a peanut butter sandwich and applesauce isn't the most exciting when you are sitting in a food court full of a zillion yummy options...

...but when saving money on lunch equals your first taste of a Cinnabon for dessert, I think they were in agreement it was worth it!

*I had noticed the kids tooth brushing sessions could sometimes be quite short. I found a little timer on Amazon. They now know they have to wait until that sand runs out before they can stop brushing. :)

*Yep. As tacky as foil is on our back door, it makes such a huge difference in the temperature of our kitchen/dining room. Totally worth it. :)

*Yesterday we met some friends for a hike in Oak Glen.

It ended up being quite warm. Luckily the trail was mostly in the shade, however by the end we were all sweaty and the kids were excited to get apple cider floats as a cool off treat.

*Last night the kids asked what we were doing today. I responded that we didn't have any plans. Kendall then said, "Just PLEASE not Costco!!" Apparently she has gotten a bit tired of the place. I was tempted to boot her out of our family right then and there. "Tired of" and "Costco" are words that are allowed in the same sentence. :)

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Anonymous said...

A sand timer for tooth-brushing--ingenious! I'm going to imagine I have one--haven't been brushing long enough.