Tuesday, June 20, 2017

hot hike

*On Sunday, Chris was playing in a golf tournament, so the kids and I headed to Toys R Us after church. They had earned some money taking care of a friend's cat and were eager to look around. On our way, I stopped and got myself an iced coffee from Jack in the Box. It had been a long time and I forgot how good they were. It motivated me to explore making them at home again. I've tried before, but never landed on a recipe I love.

*Yesterday, Cam and I went on another big hike with my dad. This time we tackled Mt. San Bernardino. We had planned for possibly going to the summit, however we ended up turning back early and we are so glad we did. Even though we were going downhill on the way back, the heat was pretty intense. We ended up doing 10 miles, which is a good length for me (the full summit hike would have been 16).

*I knew we had a good chunk of time this morning to kill, so I decided to give a little Lego nudge to Cam. Usually if I get the set out for him and help him sort the colors, he'll take off running. :)

*I've done a few Beth Moore studies over the years and I always enjoy them. I decided to do one again that I had from college. I wish I could say I complete an entire lesson a day, but it usually ends up being part of one. I love her descriptive writing (even though some of it can be a tad too syrupy) and I like how much scripture she has you look up with each lesson.

*Right now I'm relaxing, watching a Hallmark movie. Chris took the kids to lunch and to see, "Captain Underpants". I'm so thankful he is willing to do the kid movie thing....because that's an area of parent-fail for me. I rarely (well, never) take the kids to see movies. I just get really bored and antsy. :)

They were excited for In & Out. :)


Jessica said...

Haha, I love taking my kids to the movies, it's the only way I'll actually watch a kid movie.

Glad your hike went well! I was wondering how the heat would be.

I love my iced coffee!

Anonymous said...

Oh, but remember you don't have to be worried about getting bored and antsy. You just sleep...like Chris does. :)