Sunday, June 4, 2017

redstone balsamic vinegar

*Desert trip today. Kendall was excited to get her free book from Barnes and Noble (summer book club). Costco followed with lunch and way too many groceries. ;)

*Yesterday we made our annual summer calendar. Three more days of school for the kids and only two more for me!!!

*A friend from work brought me some Redstone flavored balsamic vinegar (Cranberry Pear). It is delicious on salads. I don't need anything else but the vinegar and the flavor is amazing.

*Cameron passed his most recent belt testing for Taekwando. We've had a few rough patches where he wanted to quit. However we encouraged him to at least push through to the next testing, and each time, he finished feeling excited and motivated to continue.

*Last week I made cookies for the kids' teachers. Cam's teacher can't have gluten. These turned out really tasty!

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Anonymous said...

So proud of Cameron!!!

Where did your friend get that balsamic vinegar??? I want to buy some.