Saturday, June 10, 2017

ice cream

*The last few days have been exactly as I had envisioned not working to be. On our first full day we spent some time at a local creek. We went with some friends and had the place mostly to ourselves. The kids had such a fun time.


*The next day we went to Knott's Berry Farm. My parents and my mom's childhood friend (who is visiting from Texas) joined us. We had such a fun, fun day. The weather was perfect and we didn't have to wait too terribly long for most of the rides.

"Ms. Susan" bought the kids each souvenirs. Kendall was super excited about her cute parasol.

Chris wasn't able to go with us, so I was glad my dad was up for all the, "make me throw-up" rides. :)

*Today I took the kids on a bike ride. All four quads joined us. It was a long line of bikes to keep track of, but luckily everything went great.


Anonymous said...

What a FUN day at Knotts!!! And I've just got to visit that unique homemade popsicle place you go to.

Jessica said...

We loved the creek! Glad your summer is lovely so far :)