Saturday, September 8, 2012


This morning we went and got our new puppy.  The kids were VERY excited and after much deliberation (and talking Cameron out of the name Henrietta...where did that come from???), we decided on Zoe.  She is absolutely adorable and all four of us are already taken with her. :)  This evening Chris and I overheard Cameron outside.

To our neighbors' dogs (whom he throws bones over to several times a day):

"I'm sorry Cooper and Sam, but we have another dog we got from someone else's house that we have to take care of.  But when she dies, it will be okay because I can still play with you guys."

To Zoe:

"I have school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I can't be with you during that time.  But I can play with you in the morning and the afternoon.  Deal???"

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Anonymous said...

Love those conversations--I mean dialogues Cam has with the dogs! That is one handsome little dog!