Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We had a wonderful time up north with my in-laws.  I think Cam felt very special.  The whole weekend was relaxing, fun, and made us wish we had another day there.  Some highlights:

*Cam really liked his cake I made.  Since he feeds our neighbor's dogs several times a day over our back fence, I thought it only appropriate to make his cake this shape. :)

*On Saturday we had our good friends Matt and Jana (and kids) over for Cam's party.  I always enjoy getting to hang out with Jana and usually find myself wishing we lived closer.  We had pizza for lunch and Debbie bought the cutest do-it-yourself pizzas.  Here are the kids decorating their own.

*One of the presents Cam received was this Legos set.  I think he and I spent about 3 hours total on putting it together.  It was actually a highlight for me because it's not often that he will sit still for something like that and I loved watching him get so into each step of the directions. :)

*Chris and I got to play tennis twice while we were there.  The first time I think he wanted to trade me in for a new wife because I had a ROTTEN attitude.  I tend to get super frustrated when I don't play well because all I have in my head is how I used to play.  But that was over 10 years ago so I need to give myself a break!!  I shaped up and we ended up having such a great time together.

*Sunday Chris and his parents took the kids swimming while I stayed back.  It was SO relaxing.  I just  read magazines and even got through an entire cheesy Hallmark movie. :)

*I love this pic of Cam (at church).  I think it's safe to say he had a great birthday weekend.

*Dog update:  As of now, we are scheduled this Saturday to go and pick up a dog we found.  I hope it works out because I can't wait to give her to the kids!!!


Anonymous said...

Cute dog bone cake! (Little does he know what the REAL significance of that is--hee, hee).

Jen Scholte said...

What dog did you find? YAY! You might even have to video that gift! What a fun weekend!