Friday, September 21, 2012

this week...

...we had our first night of Awana.  Cam did great.  Kendall was hyper excited upon drop off, but actually had to be picked up early after a phone call that she had been crying for 15 minutes.  She kept saying, "The kids were so loud."  I think it was the loud combined with having no one familiar in her class like she does at church.

...we went on a hike with some friends in Oak Glen.  We thought it would be much cooler up there.  It wasn't, but we still had a fun time.

...we took Cam's coins he collected in his new digital piggy bank to Staters to turn them into cash.  We then went to Walmart where he picked out a Lego set with the money.  There was even some left over for a trinket for Kendall.

...we went to Disneyland with my parents.  I thought Haunted House was especially spooky and second guessed myself in taking the kids on it.  However Kendall was talking ALL about it afterwards wanting to go on it again.  Not sure if I'll oblige. :)

...we watched the first episode of Revolution.  Pretty good :)

...we heard a funny from Cameron, "I think Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays."  "Why?" "Because they have like, yummy candy and stuff and Thanksgiving is just about turkey and meat."

...we (Chris and Cameron) went to movie night at our church and had a great time.

...we (Kendall and I) stayed back and she tried spaghetti squash for the first time (with a little butter and garlic salt).  She loved it!!  Woohoo!!



Anonymous said...

You go, girl, making her like that spagetti squash! Wanna hear more about the Veggie Tales night at church.

Jana said...

I'm on Team Cam with the holiday choices!

Jannae said...

Baylee is doing Awana too! She is in the green cubbies group! Hope the next week will go smoother with Kendell.