Saturday, September 22, 2012

desert costco

Today we went out to the desert for our Costco/mall routine.  It's been a while and it was fun to be back at it again. :)

Our Costco purchases:
*Canned chicken
*2 bunches bananas
*Ground turkey
*Turkey patties
*Feta cheese

Samples were in abundance.  The kids and I agreed that the gooey cinnamon rolls were the best.  Chris preferred the teryiaki meatballs. As we walked by the ice cream I couldn't help but pick up the most delicious sounding flavor.  Sidenote:  ice cream is the only dessert nuts can be tolerated in. :)

I wasn't intending on purchasing it, but I was curious as to the nutritional content.  I think this stuff rivals Ben & Jerry's and I also think I'll stick with my Skinny Cows. Yikes!! :)

 After Costco we spent a good chunk of time at Barnes and Noble and then went to play in the mall play area for a short time.  Heading home included a stop at Wendy's for a Frosty.

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