Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So I finally took the Pinterest plunge.  I realized what a waste of time it was for me to find recipes I wanted to try, copy/paste them into a Word document, then try and find said document and go to each link to try and remember what the recipe exactly was. :)

I had always thought Pinterest was mainly for girls who liked to craft, browse home decor, fashion, etc.  That's not really me as all I ever browse are recipes.  But I realized it would be a perfect way for me to organize my own recipe collection...hence I asked my friend Jessica to invite me.  Thanks!!

On that recipe note, yesterday Cameron asked me why I ALWAYS give them the same lunches (PB tortillas, quesadillas, and occasional tuna wraps).  I told him it was because they were so picky and when I asked him to suggest something else, he said Cheez-its. :)  Anyway, I do want to broaden their lunch consumption.  They like turkey sandwiches, I just hate buying lunch meat because of all the added crap that is in them.  So I'm searching for some good, tasty, not too strong hummus recipes they can dip things in.  If anyone has any, let me know! :)


Charlee said...

our favorite store costco carries a no preservative turkey lunch meat by foster farms I think. I have used it and its a little more expensive and so worth it. If you want to try it I can bring you some when I buy more this weekend.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the offer, Charlee. I'm sure we would like it so no need to bring some over (that's nice of you). We are going to Costco tomorrow so I'll check it out!