Friday, September 7, 2012

*I'm thinking about trying to carpool with another mom to school.  I'm just not sure if I'm ready to let go of being there every morning/afternoon (or at least knowing Chris is there).  But it would be nice to not have to make that trip quite as many times during the week.

*Last night I made my first attempt at deviled eggs.  Never again.  Despite the girls at my moms' group (whom I was making them for) trying to convince me that they really are easy, I think I'm good for a while.  After making the filling WAY too runny and mustard'y, I gave up and tossed the filling in the garbage.  So I'm left with a truck load of the whites, to which I chopped up into a delicious egg salad for lunch today.  Well...I guess I thought it was delicious.  The noises, comments, and faces from the kids told me they were not in agreement.  :)

*Cameron has been taking longer in getting out of his funk when Kendall cries.  We are thinking it's more when he's extra tired, but the other day it took over an hour for him to actually be REALLY back to normal. :(

*I know kids need to grow out of their lisps, but I secretly hope Kendall holds on to her's a while longer because it's SO darn cute. :)

*New season of Flipping Out started this week.  Both Chris and I love this show!

*10:30 tomorrow...picking up our new Boxer puppy!!!  Can't wait!!!

*I wore my hair down today, which is very unusual for me.  Usually I'm anxious to put it up in a pony tail almost the moment I leave the house.  I just hate hair on my neck when it's warm out.  Even if I'm inside, it's just annoying.

*Having some friends over for dinner tonight.  Serving these burgers, fruit, and chips.  Usually when I use allrecipes, I look for ones that have 100+ reviews.  That way I know it's been tried enough to really be good. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is a priceless "you mean we've got to EAT this??!!" look!


Jessica said...

We love Flipping Out too!

Sorry about the deviled eggs :/