Monday, June 17, 2013

a day of firsts for kendall

First 1st:
Today we practiced riding without training wheels...or at least attempting...

Second 1st:
I've grown tired of the same lunches I feed the kids.  It's either PB sandwich, grilled cheese, or a tuna sandwich.  Despite turning their nose prior when I've had them taste refried beans, I decided to make them give it another try. Granted, I used a little incentive in the form of one of those cookies I blogged about yesterday, but they actually liked their first bean and cheese burrito more than I thought!!

Third 1st:
I have been dragging my feet on getting rid of the pacifier ("pie") simply because I've heard kids many times give up their naps when you take it away.  However when we went to my friend's house this past weekend, she told Kendall all about how her daughter had a visit from the "Pie Fairy" and was left with a Pillowpet.  Kendall really latched onto this idea and thus, today the Pie Fairy paid a visit during nap.  I put the Pillow Pet in a pretty bag and even had a card from the Pie Fairy telling her what a big girl she was. We shall see what tonight brings. I'll admit I'm a little nervous about how she'll sleep. :)


Anonymous said...

That is such a cute way of getting rid of the pacifier. Hmmm, it's 9:30 right now so I guess you're getting a good idea of how she sleeps without it. :)

Jessica said...

WE did the "Binky fairy" and it worked great! I hope she still naps for you :)

I need to try my kids to eat burritos, that would be a good alternative to my staples!