Wednesday, June 12, 2013

my kinder graduate

Today Cameron had his kindergarten celebration at school.  He had been a bit emotional about it the previous day, but he did great and it was a sweet time for the parents and kids. :)

And now to swim lessons.  We started Monday and Cam has LOVED it.  He is fearless and it's so fun to watch him.  Kendall...hmmm...not so fearless and not so in love with it. :)  The statement, "Are we going to go under water?" is heard quite frequently, with tears thrown in occasionally.  Cam spent most of her lesson today in the restroom so he wouldn't have to see her cry.  I know she'll get better, though, so I'm not too concerned. :)

Quote of the day from Kendall:
"Mom, how does God get us to heaven?  Do we just jump really high (demonstrating to me her best jump)??"  :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to our boy for another great year in school. Mrs. Woolcock has been so wonderful for him. I'm so thankful for her and proud of him!

And I'm so glad they both are learning to be water-safe!


Anonymous said...

Oh they are so cute in that picture! And I love her jump question! =) Yay for Cam in the water!

I think that God is giving back to you what you gave to mom many years ago at swim lessons - hahaha. =)