Sunday, June 30, 2013


*All week Chris and I had been brainstorming what to do yesterday knowing how hot it would be. The desert was out (I'm all for hot weather, but I'm not going to put my kids through 120 degree heat just to have something to do!). Anything else we thought of was either going to be too crowded or too expensive.

So...we started out with a bike ride to the donut shop before things heated up too much.  It's nice now that I can actually get a jog in while the kids ride. :) They like it better since they don't have to stop at every street and wait for me to catch up walking.

That was followed by the library where we also checked out a movie for the afternoon. We watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  I had not seen it in probably 25 years. What a cute movie and boy did it made me excited to show the kids other ones like Swiss Family Robinson and Pollyanna. :)

It was a low key day but pretty fun. :)

*One more day until the end of the month and I'm proud to say I only went about $15 over my goal of spending $375 on groceries. :)  I will say that Monday morning will include a LARGE grocery trip as our fridge looks like a single person lives here. :)  However I made it through the month (almost) and I'm pretty darn proud! :)

*While I'm a HUGE, HUGE chocolate fan, I never really crave chocolate bars.  I more want brownies, cake, or cookies.  However when it does come to straight chocolate, I've decided that Dove by far is the best when it comes to the dark variety.

*I'll be honest and say that this past week Chris and I had a serious discussion about giving Zoe away. We are tired of the chewing, digging, and the money we spend on her upkeep.  The kids like her but don't play with her as much as we had hoped. She also tugs nonstop when I attempt to walk her.  However when we broached the subject with the kids, Cam did NOT take to it.  AT ALL. Looks like Zoe is here to stay. :)

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"--that's one of those movies that make you glad you have children that give you an excuse to sit down and enjoy it.