Tuesday, June 4, 2013

what we've been up to

*This past weekend we went up north to my in-laws' to celebrate my MIL's retirement.  Her retirement party was really fun (37 years!!), despite me not taking one picture :(  We also:

...went to Bravo Cheese Farm (a fun stop if you are on the 99)...

...played in a golf tournament (Chris, his dad, brother, and aunt)

...went to school with Chris' mom on her last day.  The kids got to play games with her students, like wrapping Cam up like a mummy. :)

*I attempted a cash envelope system for groceries last month.  I gave myself $375.  I'm proud to say that I only went about $15 over. :)  Granted, we went out of town last Wednesday with a very low fridge, so I'm not assuming we'll hit this amount every month, but I feel like it's at least a good and reasonable goal.  I love doing cash instead of hassling with writing everything down or keeping receipts. :)

*I introduced the kids to Adventures in Odyssey recently.  I LOVED, LOVED these when I was a kid.  Luckily my parents kept all my cassette tapes plus had a cassette player I could borrow to try them out on the kids.  They both really enjoy them and I'm excited to have something else in our arsenal for road trips.

*Last night I made a delicious couscous dish.  It was so fresh tasting and both kids really liked it!!  I made a few substituions veggie wise, but the dressing and fresh parsley I think is what made it so great.


Anonymous said...

They liked their first Adventures in Odyssey episode???!!! I'm so thrilled. They're in for many hours of enjoyment and good input over the next years.


Anonymous said...

Fun post!! The couscous looks so great!


Jessica said...

I too loved Adventures in Odyssey. I learned so many Bible stories through that series! I need to find a tape player so I can play some for my kiddos! My mom still has all of them.

I am VERY impressed with your grocery budget. I have such a hard time budgeting :(

That couscous dish looks yummy.