Saturday, June 22, 2013

so fun :)

Since logistically it wouldn't have worked for the four of us to go up north to my in-laws this weekend, Chris and I decided to have a daddy/Kendall and mama/Cameron weekend. Chris and Kendall left yesterday morning and my little guy and I have been enjoying lots of one on one time.

Knowing Cam is not my "find something to do and fart around" child, I knew I needed to plan lots of activities.  Yesterday morning we started out with a fun playdate in Oak Glen.  The afternoon held his last swim class :(

This morning we stopped to get him his favorite bagel at Panera Bread, then met my parents for a fun bike ride.  My sweet dad had driven out to Riverside the day before to scope out a bike trail he had heard about.  The trail starts out at an awesome park (that we will definitely be returning to!!).

We partially followed the Santa Ana River Trail and afterward my dad and I started brainstorming ways to make a ride to the beach happen (adults, not kids) because it was really fun.  Cam enjoyed it as well, despite a few, "(sigh), how much longer?"

Right now I'm relaxing while Cam watches a new Anime movie (I still cannot understand the fascination with these movies!) we found at the library.  Tonight is a birthday party for a school friend and tomorrow is church and going to see Monsters University.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it WAS a fun bike ride! So enjoyable to see so many new sights on it. And Cam did great staying to the right on the path so as not to crash into oncoming cyclists.