Thursday, June 13, 2013

summer fun

In the hopes of alleviating the, "What are we going to do today?" question both kids give me each morning, I created a summer calendar.  I'm still working on the concept that just because there is a calendar with some events already on it, doesn't mean that every single day of summer will be filled with fun outings. :)  We are still working on that concept :)

Today one of our activities was a super cute craft I found on Pinterest for Father's Day.

We also went to the grocery store.  Why?  Because given the choice of ANY dessert for dinner tonight (to celebrate kinder graduation), Cam chose Jello.  Really?  Is he my son?  Blek!!!  I tried for at least cupcakes or something!!!  Nope.  Strawberry Jello it was! :)


Anonymous said...

Super idea to "get a jump" on the "what are we doing today?" question.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, red jello? Gag me with a spoon!!! =) Those are NOT Stark genes! - Susan