Thursday, November 21, 2013

dry pot pie and heavy duty push up

*Made my first individual pot pies the other night. I'm not overly excited to try again. The inside was dry and the corn bread topping was dry. Overall we would give it a 4 :(

It looked like it would be good, right?

*I ADORE Cam's teacher. She just always looks out for him in such a neat way. Yesterday he had a hard time during lunch. The kids were inside due to weather and it was very loud. It upset him, making him very anxious and emotional. She was so great with him in helping him create an "escape plan" for times like that. I've never heard him talk so fondly of a teacher. :)

*Chris has two bootcamp buddies, Christina and Matt. Christina invited me to do a Groupon Jazzercise for 10 sessions. I enjoy being done with my solo workouts by the time the kids wake up, but I've also wanted to be around people too. Anyway, we'll do once a week for 10 weeks starting after Thanksgiving. I think it will be fun even though it's short term.

*As we progress with Breaking Bad, it is becoming one of my all time favorite series. It will join Felicity, Friday Night Lights, and West Wing.

*Chris always tells me about the crazy exercises he does at bootcamp. The other night he decided to let the kids in on the action of a basic push up. :) Check it out...

*We will head up north for Thanksgiving so are celebrating early this weekend with my family. We aren't sticklers for HAVING to have the traditional meal. So on the menu is a tostada/burrito bar and apple pie/ice cream for dessert. And no, apple pie will not go on Kelly's plate...just ice cream. :)


Anonymous said...

There is nothing like having a caring teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Lord!

Good job on the push up, Chris!


Jessica said...

Yeah, I loved Breaking Bad. The last season got so intense.

That is definitely the most nontraditional THanksgiving menu I've come across! haha. My hubby would never go for that, he LOVES all the traditional foods. I guess I do too :)

Working out with others can definitely be more motivating! Enjoy!

Teresa DiMillo said...

It's so nice to come across a great teacher! I LOVE working out with other people, I have a super hard time working out by myself. What's the groupon for the jazzercise? I may be interested... That thanksgiving menu sounds good! Todd wouldn't go for that either. We have traditional Thanksgiving menus also, Filipino and American. Best if both worlds.