Sunday, November 10, 2013


*Friday night Kendall came down with a yucky eye infection. Luckily in the morning it was much better and she felt/acted great. We wanted to do something fun since it didn't affect her mood, so we headed out to the desert as planned. We brought scooters rather than bikes and they loved riding all around our favorite park.

*Last night Cam's eyes started up, so I figured the other parents at church wouldn't appreciate me bringing two goopy kids. :) We had two free movie tickets, so Chris took the kids to see Planes this afternoon.

*I'm staying back to watch a Christmas movie I recorded and work on a few things, like our meal plan for the week:

Tonight: Hamburgers
Monday: Cheesy rice stuffed bell peppers
Tuesday: Beerocks (amazing little dough bundles filled with meat that Chris' mom makes)
Wednesday: Black bean quesadillas
Thursday: Homemade mac and cheese
Friday: Little Caesar's to bring to our church's Veggie Tales movie night (for Chris/kids) while I go hang out with friends

Now we'll see if this actually happens. Meal planning has never been a high priority because it just never seems to pan out like I think it will... :)

*Chris just texted that Kendall has TONS of goop in her eye. Now we play the, "should we take her to the doc?" dance. Ugh. So hard to know what will go away and what needs attention....hmmmm.... :(

*Stater Brothers has started carrying Ambrosia apples again. These are by far my favorite apples. They are the crunchiest (even more than Fuji's) and sweetest things! Woowoo!

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Jessica said...

We are home sick today too :( Ethan feels Ick and is just laying around. Such a bummer since there's no school today and I had planned on doing something fun with them.

I do so much better if I meal plan. I usually end up making better meals too :)

I don't think I've ever tried ambrosia apples, I'll have to change that.