Tuesday, November 5, 2013

home...safe and sound

Jen and I got back yesterday from Chicago and while we were both incredibly anxious to get back to our families, we agreed that our weekend was one of the most fun trips we have had. :) I don't remember the last time the two of us got to spend so much time together without kids. We talked, talked, then talked some more. In between we had a great time with our friend, Chalet, in celebrating her wedding.

I have to say that being in a state that actually has a real "fall" was pretty cool. Walking around with the beautiful brick buildings and fall colors was really fun. It was cold but not, "I can't be outside for more than 2 minutes" cold. :)

The actual wedding was sooo fun! I made Jen proud by getting out on the dance floor quite a bit.The food was awesome and I had the BEST most tasty cupcake (let's be honest, cupcake should be plural!) I've ever had. It was a browned butter cupcake with browned butter frosting. Holy cow. Wow. 

A highlight for both of us was just relaxing in our room, reading, watching TV, and NOT HAVING TO GET OUT OF BED RIGHT AWAY in the mornings!!! :)

The day after the wedding was awesome! We walked a couple miles to downtown Chicago. We shopped around and then ate at a super cool foodie restaurant called The Purple Pig. It was here that we had the best dish I've had in a long time, Eggplant Coponata with Goat Cheese. Know what it is? Yes, we didn't either, but after the waiter said it was the best thing on the menu, we took a risk and were very glad we did. :)

While we had a blast, both of us were soooo excited to get back home to our kiddos. We actually both cried a little a midst the clapping of the entire plane when we landed. In summary, passing over LAX upon our supposed arrival time + an announcement from the captain that the flaps on the wings weren't working + informing us that emergency vehicles would be accompanying our runway landing + observing the stewardesses talking to those seated on the emergency aisles + a dead silent airplane due to people on edge = a honestly frightening landing. Jen and I were holding hands (quite tightly I might add) as we landed and were incredibly thankful to be home. Very, very thankful. I'm good on flying for a while. 


Anonymous said...

What an awesome trip! It sounds like it was just perfect, with the exception of the landing. I'm so glad you both got to go to Chalet's wedding and to reunite that prankster threesome from high school days.

The landing does sound pretty frightening...I can see how it would evoke some emotions. Thank you AGAIN, Lord for causing them to land safely. What I would have liked to see was Cameron and Kendall's excitement when you pulled in the driveway.

Jessica said...

Looks like a fabulous trip! How fun that you could do that :) I adore Chicago. That landing does sound scary!

Kelly said...

It was such an amazing time!! Kinda wish we could relive it but maybe we'll have to plan something similar to celebrate turning 40! So thankful for your friendship and just some good, quality time together!!! I think this is going to post as coming from you but don't worry, I'm not reading your email! -Jen

Sames Blogs said...

I was so envious when Chris told me you were going to Chicago. One of my FAVORITE places. We fell in love with the Deep Dish Pizza Pie so much, that I actually had it Fed X'd to us for one of our anniversary dinners. Glad you made it back safely.