Sunday, November 17, 2013

pictures of stuff

*The past couple years of trick or treating we've done "candy breaks". We stop a couple times during our walk and each get to pick a piece of candy for a snack. It's a highlight for all four of us. :)

*When Chris took the kids to his parents a couple weeks back (while I was in Chicago), Kendall requested In & Out on the way up. Here's my thing with In & Out: It's a burger. It's good...but's it's a burger. What on earth is the obsession??? :)

*One of the highlights of our visits to my in-laws are the bonfires we have in the evenings. The kids LOVE them and always ask to have them. 

*A couple nights ago Chris took the kids to the Veggie Tales movie night at our church. They loved this and it's become a fun daddy/kid date night.

*I really want bangs like this. The problem is that once they start to grow too long, I don't know how to trim them and I don't want to pay to go to the salon simply for a bang trim.

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Jessica said...

If I'm going to have a fast food burger, Inn and Out is definitely the best. However if I'm really craving a burger I'd much prefer a gourmet one from a restaurant :)