Friday, November 8, 2013

samoa cake

*The kids are in "upstairs time" right now and I may or may not be watching a TV Christmas movie downstairs.'s never too early. :)

*I've soured on my iced coffee recipe from Pioneer Woman. I just cannot seem to get the exact mixture ratio (milk to water to coffee to sweetener). :(

*Kendall LOVES Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and requests it often for an "in the car dance party". :)

*I ordered our Christmas cards from Costco. I'm impressed that A) we are doing them and B) I have them ordered so early :)

*We received a gift recently of a Red Robin gift card. We are making a Palm Springs trip tomorrow and will go there for dinner. I can almost taste those perfect fries right now. So excited!!

*Almost done with the second Hunger Games book. Excited to see the movie!

*I am having SUCH a hard time getting up to work out in the mornings. It's never been this bad. When I'm snuggled in my warm bed it takes all I have to drag myself out. And I know that if I don't do it before the kids get up, it's highly unlikely it will happen at all. The not happening thing has been happening far too much lately!

*I think blog posts can be a tad boring without any pictures. So for the sake of not being boring, here is the dessert I would like to make for Thanksgiving, Samoa Bundt Cake:

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