Wednesday, November 6, 2013

pics from the last week

*While I was in Chicago, Chris took the kids up to my in-laws' for the weekend. His mom took both kids to Disney on Ice. I think I was almost as excited about this as I was for my own trip. I've wanted to take them to this show for a long time so I was ELATED that they got to go. They loved it!!!

*While they were visiting up north, Chris had planned ahead of time to do one of our big chicken bakes. His dad has a smoker, which makes a much more juicy piece of chicken than our BBQ. I cannot believe how much they did! 

*This isn't the best picture, but you can see our Ninja and flapper girl before we headed out for trick-or-treating last week. They had a BLAST! :)

*I brought the kids a little something from Chicago. This flower might seem an odd choice for Cameron, but it was perfect for him! It's a solar powered dancing flower (his teacher has one and he always talks about it). He LOVES it and is always interested in checking out how fast it is dancing based on the sun outside. :)

*This morning I came upstairs after Kendall yelled down that she wanted to play Monopoly. Apparently her rules are a little different than the regular rules. Hmmm....

*Later she wanted to get down one of my memory boxes. I let her put on two Superman tattoos. These were found among my collection of Lois and Clark, New Adventures of Superman stuff. I LOVED this show back in the day (BIG crush on Dean Cain). And that box you see on the right is actually full of Lois and Clark playing cards (little embarrassed about this) :)

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Anonymous said...

Aw, yes, I remember those Lois-and-Clark days when you and Jennifer would be watching Superman at the same time (yesteryear's method) and call each other during the commercial with, "Can you BELIEVE she said that?!" HA!