Thursday, October 31, 2013

chicago here i come

Tomorrow morning I leave for Chicago! I'm super excited however I try not to think about the actual trip too much as I get pretty anxious. I don't like flying to another state and being so far from Chris and the kids. Flying makes me a tad uneasy as it is, so that combined with leaving my family is harder than I would have thought. I'm glad the ticket was bought a few months ago as I could see myself coming up with excuses not to go. :)

But with that said, once I'm there, I know I'll have a blast. I'm going with my friend of 20 years (I can't believe it's been that long!), Jen, and we both couldn't be more excited to hang out with each other and attend the wedding of our friend. :) We are staying an extra day so we can hang out in downtown Chicago. :)

Chris and the kids will be heading north to his parents for the weekend. The kids are beyond excited...which makes leaving them a little easier. :)

Here are some random getting ready to travel pics:

*We had some bananas which would have gone bad by the time we returned. So this morning Kendall and I made one of my favorite kid snacks. I mix peanut butter, mashed bananas, and oats to the consistency of cookie dough. I add a few chocolate chips and bake them. These are sooo great to freeze and pop in Cam's snack bag for school.

*Since I can't do straight coffee, I'm packing several individual creamers in anticipation of both coffee served on the airplane and our hotel room. :) I never found a copy of my Hunger Games book, but I did snag several magazines from the library. I'm also stocked to the brim with Dr. Laura podcasts. :)

Okay...I need to finish packing and getting ready for our night of Halloween fun (we are just trick or treating)... Happy Halloween!!


Kristen Dacey said...

Girl time! And so fun that Chalet is getting married!!! YAY!!! I hope you guys have a blast. Enjoy every minute!

Anonymous said...

Well, by now you know the news from LAX. So very tragic. I have thanked the Lord several times today that your plane was already gone when the shooting happened.

May the Lord bless Chalet and her fiancee. I'm glad you both could go...and know you will have a wonderful time.